1st International Exhibition INDUSTRY.TEC: November 24th to 26th 2023

Our goal is a modern and competitive industry in the era of industry 4.0 and the energy transition

In T-Press we have been serving industry and production since 1991. We are consistently and passionately support the effort for the transformation of the Greek economy into a productive one, using cutting-edge technologies, high-level industrial services and the upgrading of human resources.


This recent crisis period during pandemic with supply chain disruptions has further highlighted the value of domestic production chains and the need to ensure a high level of production capacity in our country. Greek industry has demonstrated outstanding examples of resilience and adaptation, with high export performance at the forefront.


Industry, which remains at the heart of rapidly transforming economy, is in the process of preparing for successful adaptation and transition to the age of the digital revolution in terms of industry 4.0 & Logistics 4.0, as well as the green transition. Meeting its needs in modern equipment and services, innovative technologies and flexible financing is a crucial factor for success.


Today, our decision is not just to organize an Industrial Equipment exhibition, but to create in our country an exhibition institution that brings together the country’s dynamic production units with the companies that can offer them the necessary solutions for their modernization and more efficient operation. With the main goal of becoming strong allies in their quest for growth and success, in a time of uncertainty but also of great opportunities!


In a 32-year period, Texnoekdotiki / T-Press has acquired the necessary tools, experience, knowledge and creative tenacity that ensure the success of the new pioneering exhibition of INDUSTRY.TEC for industrial technology and services, to be held on November 24th to 26th 2023 at MEC Exhibition Center in Paiania, Greece.


An exhibition that will prove to be a high-value asset, both for the industrial equipment and services sector and for the industry itself. An exhibition that will become a strong institution, a place for training in new technologies as well as an opportunity to present, analyze and exchange opinions on the burning issues of the industry and its equipment.


INDUSTRY.TEC will present all the latest developments in technologies and services that shape the world of industry today and in the future: Modern Automation, Drive & Power Transmission Systems, Mechanical Components & Solutions, Compressed Air & Vacuum, Robotics Systems, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence Applications, Logistics 4.0, Energy Saving Systems, New Energy Applications and Circular Economy.


Believing that we share the same vision and belief that sustainable development is built on solid production bases, we invite you to become active participants in our new initiative.


Voula Mourta
Managing Director
Texnoekdotiki / T-Press